The Smart City Faridabad

boys pg in faridabad

The cities in India have 31% population which contribute to 63% of GDP as per census 2011. The boys pg in faridabad will act as catalyst in the smooth elevation to smart city Faridabad. This population will be 40% and will contribute to the 70% of GDP is expected in the year 2030. Once we expect this much GDP in coming time the physical, social, economic and infrastructure development of cities is the real challenge. The smart city mission is the initiative of Government of India where few cities are selected for the role model smart city. The boys pg in faridabad is the need of the hour.

In the smart city, the stress is on the most stressing needs to improve the life of the inhabitants. The participant smart city to work as step by step in Greenfield, redevelopment and retrofitting area of the city. The point to be taken care in smart cities will be adequate water supply, uninterrupted electricity supply, adequate sanitation and solid waste disposal, good public transport for urban mobility, health facility, education, affordable housing for poor, strong IT and digitization, security and safety of residents particularly women, children and elderly.

The smart city is provided with a fund of 100 crores from central Govt. and 100 crores contributed by Haryana Govt.The money is available in phased manner for the development of smart city Faridabad. The city Faridabad is one of the oldest city in Haryana and is named after Shaikh Farid the accountant of Emperor Jahangir. This is one of the biggest city in Delhi metropolitan area or NCR. The big and small industries making this city as hot destination for the working class

The smart city of Faridabad working for the environment , making livable, slum free, smooth movement, healthy, safe, inclusive, digital, and smart industries. The aim to make it the smart city is only achieved by the active participation of the residents of the city.The boys pg in faridabad will be a great help for the migrant to this city for the higher study, job and business.

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